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Gundam, older Final Fantasy games, Castlevania series, Chrono series, Persona 2, Resident Evil, Suikoden series, Super Robot Wars series, Wild Arms series, Xenogears & Xenosaga; Trinity Blood

Free-form info and disclaimer

This is a boys love / shounen-ai / yaoi site. But you surely knew that already, right? This is a multi-fandom site; we're not focused in only one series. Admitted, there's usually one series we concentrate at a time, but we work on a lot of other stuff as well.

The name of the site, "Knights' Quarters", comes from Wild ARMs OST. Because we like knights. Look around the site; you'll notice there are a lot knight pairings around.

This site should work on all browsers. Hell, it has been tested on Lynx. That's an old text-based browser for those who haven't heard about it before.

This is a non-commercial fan website. The site has nothing to do with any anime/game; those are copyrighted to their rightful owners. All stories on this site are copyrighted to the author, and fanart is copyrighted to the artist. Please do not use those anywhere without asking the author or artist first. Stealing is very, very bad.

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