Rating System

Aka. fic and art "smut factor" values

This is an adapted version of ESRB (North American) video game rating system.


Fics: From general stuff where nothing is happening to innocent pairing stuff.
Art: Mostly the same. Also, half-naked boys etc.


Fics: More pairing stuff. Kissing, touching and other type of intimacy. Implications of relationship going on and/or character wanting to have sex with another character, but sex scenes are fade-to-black.
Art: Naked guys next to each other etc. not necessary clothes on. Nothing is happening, though.


Fics: R-18. Mostly consensual sex scenes, non-consensual stuff not fully described.
Art: Naked guys, either very implied sex about to happen or just plain sex.


Fics: Detailed sex scenes, including non-consensual stuff. Everything with violence, torture, blood etc. will also recieve this rating.
Art: Read rating 5.
Extra codes [AU] = Alternative Universe. On KQ, this also includes scene rewrites, in-game "illogical" pairings and such.
[YURI] = Girl x girl. The opposite of yaoi, you know? Stay away if you're one of those "omg eww girls!!" types.