Yaoi fic/art links

Dreamcaliber By littlemaiko
Fanfic and fanart from video games etc. The English side doesn't get updated anymore, unfortunately.

By littlemaiko
The more "hard-core" side of Dreamcaliber.

The Lemonade Cafe By Razrantha
Fanfiction site with stuff from several games and anime
Thrown Into Despair By Elmina & Lady Harken
A yaoi site dedicated to Resident Evil series.
By llamajoy & Tenshi no Korin
A multi-fandom fiction & shrine site. Varied ratings and pairings, not solely yaoi.
By Twilight Fang
A yaoi site dedicated to the Real Ghostbusters and Trinity Blood.

Yaoi communities

The LJ community for Castlevania series fanfiction.
The LJ community for Kyou Kara Maou fans. Has yaoi-related stuff often, which is not surprising considering what the series is like.
The LJ community for Resident Evil yaoi fans. Occasionally has contests etc.
The LJ community for Suikoden series yaoi fans.
Yaoi art (and fic) community. Lots of clubs and stuff, if you just can find them. Elm's username is obviously "elmina" for those who are interested.

Other links

Tower of Mist

By Elmina & Maria
Our other site. RPG shrines and other video game related stuff.

Cliques etc.

Ice and Fire - Culgan x Seed fanlisting King Crimson - Shrine/fanlisting to Pesmerga and Yuber Conspirators - Birkin x Wesker fanlisting

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Site name - Knights' Quarters
Maintainers - Lady Harken and Elmina


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