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Wild Arms

Black Desire   By Lady Harken
In a random forest, Rudy has an unfortunate meeting with Boomerang.
Rating: M+ | Boomerang x Rudy

Desire   By Lady Harken
Boomerang spends his day at the Photosphere, but that doesn't please the Guardian of Desire...
Rating: M | Boomerang x Zed

Do I Belong to Him?   By Lady Harken
Zed starts questioning his feelings for Zeikfried in the middle of an important mission.
Rating: M | Zeikfried x Zed   2000 kiriban request

Dragon   By Lady Harken
The two demons talk about the Guardians.
Rating: T | Zeikfried x Boomerang

Encounter   By Lady Harken
Rudy ends up staying alone in Adlehyde for a few days... There, he meets Zed and helps him a little...
Rating: M | Rudy x Zed

Nightmares   By Lady Harken
Injured Rudy has nightmares after the Gate Generator incident.
Rating: M+ | Zeikfried x Rudy

Test of Loyalty   By Lady Harken
Zeikfried has his doubts about the newest Quarter Knight, and decides to test him...
Rating: M | Zeikfried x Boomerang   2000 kiriban request

The Green-haired Demon   By Elmina
It's morning. Zed, lying in Zeikfried's bed, has some things in his mind...
Rating: T | Zeikfried x Zed

Under the Countless Stars   By Elmina
Jack's been looking at Rudy all night... and Hanpan talks to him about it.
Rating: T | Jack x Rudy

Unreal   By Lady Harken
Weird WA3 / WA crossover PWP about Jet and Rudy meeting in the middle of a desert.
Rating: M [AU] | Jet x Rudy

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A Perfect Prey   By Lady Harken
Boomerang checks out his future opponent.
Rating: T | Boomerang x Rudy

Betrayal   By Lady Harken
Rudy gets a visitor again in the middle of the night.
Rating: M+ | Boomerang x Rudy

Over   By Lady Harken
There can only be one outcome to the events of Ancient Arena...
Rating: T | Boomerang x Rudy

Wild Arms - Shortfics

Relief   By Lady Harken
During a well-deserved break from their travels, Jack learns something about Rudy.
Rating: T | Jack, Rudy

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