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Trinity Blood

Cold Sleep   By Elmina
Tres and Abel are in a mountain town after a mission, and Abel's dreams are keeping him from resting.
Rating: T | Tres x Abel

Dark Rain   By Lady Harken
Hugue is on a mission as a backup for Abel and Tres, and things don't go as planned.
Rating: Various | William x Hugue, Tres x Abel

Evening Interlude   By Elmina and Fenril Knight
William is being absent-minded again, and Hugue makes sure he's all right.
Rating: E | William, Hugue

Game   By Lady Harken
On a normal evening, Hugue feels like playing a little, with William as his target.
Rating: M | Hugue x William

Light Mist   By Lady Harken
Away from Vatican attending to a seminar, William finds himself involved in vampire hunting.
Rating: Various | William, Hugue

Only the Night Sky Knows   By Elmina
Abel gets in an accident during a mission, but fortunately Tres is there to take care of him.
Rating: E | Tres x Abel

Wrong Place, Wrong Time   By Elmina
Vaclav goes to see William and ends up watching something he's definitely didn't want to see.
Rating: M | Vaclav; Leon x Hugue

Trinity Blood - Shortfics

Coming Home   By Elmina
Hugue returns to Vatican, and finds something unusual from William's bed.
Rating: T | Hugue, Vaclav

Distraction   By Lady Harken
William brushes Hugue's hair.
Rating: T | WWW x Hugue

Exercise   By Elmina
The Inquisition Knights are fanatic, even on a hot day.
Rating: E | Brother Petros, Pope Alessandro

Flickering of Deep Eternity   By Elmina
Hugue practicing in the middle of the night.
Rating: E | WWW x Hugue

Late at Night   By Lady Harken
William's working too late once again.
Rating: T | WWW x Hugue

Morning   By Elmina
Vaclav has trouble with his shower.
Rating: T | WWW x Vaclav

Practice   By Lady Harken
Young Hugue has some issues with his training.
Rating: T | WWW x Hugue

Reaction   By Lady Harken
During a mission Abel and Tres get stuck under some ruins, and Abel freaks out.
Rating: T | Tres x Abel

Warmth   By Lady Harken
It's a cold evening, and Hugue brings his Master some tea.
Rating: T | WWW x Hugue

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