Suikoden series - Shortfics


Eternal Battle   By Lady Harken
Pesmerga and Yuber duel.
Rating: T | Pesmerga x Yuber

Suggestion   By Lady Harken
McDohl is feeling down, and an unexpected person shows up with an offer.
Rating: T | Luc x McDohl

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Suikoden 2

Acquaintance   By Lady Harken
McDohl wonders about some things.
Rating: M | Luc x McDohl

Hotblooded   By Lady Harken
Culgan and Seed attempt to make tactical plans, but Seed's not happy with the orders.
Rating: T | Culgan x Seed

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Suikoden 3

Chance Encounter   By Lady Harken
Many years after the Dunan Unification War, McDohl again runs into someone.
Rating: M | Luc x McDohl

Crimson   By Lady Harken
Late at night, Albert and Yuber talk about something.
Rating: T | Yuber x Albert

Dreams   By Lady Harken
In the middle of the night, the two Destroyers have a chat.
Rating: E | Albert, Luc

Games   By Lady Harken
Quiet time between battles makes Yuber anxious, and it's up to Albert to keep him busy.
Rating: E | Yuber x Albert

Friends   By Lady Harken
Hugo is a little distracted, and Caesar attempts to cheer him up.
Rating: T | Caesar x Hugo

Tactics   By Lady Harken
Being a tactician causes more trouble than Caesar thought.
Rating: E | Caesar x Hugo

Watch   By Elmina
Short fic about Geddoe and some others resting while on a mission.
Rating: E | Wyatt x Geddoe   Gift to Nanami

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Suikoden 4

Crisis   By Lady Harken
Sigurd needs a drink after dealsingwith his friend's relationship issues.
Rating: T | Hervey, Sigurd x Helmut

Decoration Room   By Lady Harken
The young army leader tries to relax in the Ornament Room.
Rating: M Hervey x hero4 (called Lucas here)

Hotsprings   By Lady Harken
The Mordo Island hotspring offers a moment of relaxation.
Rating: E | Hervey x hero4 (called Lucas here)

Nightmare   By Elmina
The young army leader sleeps restlessly.
Rating: T | Hervey x hero4 (called Lucas here)

Restraint   By Lady Harken
Hervey gets asked to do something for his lover.
Rating: T | Hervey x hero4 (called Lucas here)

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