Room Arrangements

By Elmina

"You what?!"

Seed was glaring at him, but Culgan kept his always-serene expression despite the fact that he would have wanted to smile. The expression on the younger man's face was worth it, and he had to wonder why he had never done this before. Maybe it was because he never had a good enough excuse before now... Now he had one, and it was more than worth it.

In denial perhaps, my love? He thought, amused at the reaction he had gotten.

They were in a small bedroom in a fort near the Highland-Muse border. It was a welcome change after the last few weeks they had spent in a war camp. Culgan certainly knew it was; most of their men were tired and the commanders were no exception. Seed had done nothing but complain all the way here. The whole day had been exhausting; even after arriving here in the afternoon, they had been stuck giving orders and arranging things. It was already dark outside. Seed had left things to the older man about half an hour ago and asked for a room and bath.

"You can't be serious," the redhead continued. "Nope. That's just... insane!"

"What exactly is insane in sharing a room?" Culgan asked. "It's only logical considering the circumstances. Now dry your hair before the whole floor gets wet."

Seed mumbled something unclear and continued drying himself. He had just finished taking a bath when Culgan had showed up to tell him they would both be staying in this room. He then pulled a shirt on, suddenly a little paranoid about being naked in the same room with the other man. That was ridiculous of course; they were lovers after all.

"Truly now," Culgan continued as he watched the younger man get dressed. "This fort isn't that big. All the rooms will be needed - not to mention the fact that a lot of our men are wounded. The doctors have their hands full, and they do appreciate it if their patients are sleeping under a roof and not in a tent in the yard."


"Captain Seed." Culgan changed into his 'official' voice, and caused Seed to twitch. "You are sharing this room with me, whether you like it or not. Any questions?"

"No, sir." Seed looked away, and was distracted by the wooden bathtub near the wall for a moment. Well, there was obviously no need to take that thing out yet since Culgan would apparently be using it. He almost grinned, then his thoughts returned to reality. "Wait. Actually I do have one question."

Culgan smiled. "Yes, my dear?"

"Are you prepared for the fact that the men will start talking?" Seed shot at him.

"What reason do they have for that?" The older man stated and crossed his arms across his chest. "Colonel Culgan and Captain Seed are sharing a bedroom because the fort is small and there are not enough rooms available. Besides, your friend Captain Darren should show up either tomorrow or the day after tomorrow, and he'll have at least another hundred men with him."

"Gee, I don't know," Seed replied to his question. "Maybe the fact that we're sharing a bed that barely has room for two, and the fact that we're not just sleeping?"

"Ah, I see," Culgan affirmed. "So, would you rather just sleep the whole night?"

The younger man didn't answer right away, and they both knew quite well why. During the last few weeks, they hadn't really had time or opportunity to do anything - or if they had, they couldn't go all the way. For Seed, 'doing anything' equaled to having sex. For Culgan it meant making love to Seed, not that the younger man had actually paid attention or cared about the fact that Culgan preferred to call it that.

"Does it really matter," Seed finally muttered. "We're still sharing a room, and you know that they will talk. The room is so tiny..."

Culgan raised an eyebrow, quite amused at what his partner had just said. "Tiny compared to what? Your tent is hardly bigger than this room, and you didn't have any trouble sharing that with me last week... "

Seed pouted at him. "That's not the same thing."

"Oh, but I'd say it is," the older man replied. "Or is it just that I actually had a tent of my own in the camp, just chose not to sleep in it since I had the opportunity to sleep next to you? Or the other way around, which was the case quite often. Despite the fact that we couldn't really make love while in a tent, I would say it's very much the same thing, if not even more... obvious."


"Seed..." Culgan wanted to laugh. The younger man's face was all flushed, and he looked half shocked, half angry - and very much adorable.

"Are you saying that..."

"You tell me, my darling. Am I saying that the men are already talking?"

"Are they?" Seed inquired, biting his lip.

Culgan just smiled and sat down on the bed. His lover turned to look at him, apparently trying to find the answer from the older man's nonexistent body language. Failing that, Seed gave up and sat down as well. He could guess the answer now, and was quite irritated at the fact that he had never noticed anything that would indicate that anyone was talking about them. Not only that, the fact that he wasn't aware of something he should have been aware of annoyed him to no end.

"What's with the sulky face, my dear?" Culgan asked. He petted the younger man's read hair. "Surely you must realize that worrying that someone will start talking is a little late now."

"Maybe I just didn't care until now," Seed grumbled. He pressed his head against Culgan's shoulder and closed his eyes. It was mostly the truth - if the fact that he hadn't really thought about it before didn't count. Unfortunately there wasn't anything he could do about this room arrangement anymore.

Culgan let him stay there for a moment before he got up. "Do you need anything? I'm going to get some hot water." Seed simply shook his head at the question and lay down on the bed. The older man nodded as an acknowledgement and headed out of the room.

* * * * * * * *

About twenty minutes later Culgan was back in the room. He had taken off his clothes and was now washing himself, not minding the fact that Seed was blatantly staring at him.

"Something on your mind?" The older man asked without looking at his companion. He poured some cold water on his silver hair, rinsing off the remains of soap. The coolness of the water felt unpleasant, but he didn't care; it had been a while since he had last had a hot bath and trivial things like cold rinsing water didn't matter to him. Meanwhile, he knew Seed had dragged in enough hot water for himself to use for everything, while Culgan was quite happy with just the warm water he was sitting in.

Silly little kitten that likes warmth, he thought to himself and smiled.

"Mmh." Seed shifted his position a little and continued admiring his lover's naked form, trying to ignore the fact that watching Culgan bathe was starting to have a certain effect on him.

Culgan finished eventually and moved the remaining water out of the way. He sat down on the bed to dry himself, keeping an eye on the redhead who was sprawling on the sheets behind him. He could very well guess what Seed was up to but pretended that he didn't notice.

"Culgan..." Seed mumbled and gave the older man his best seductive look. "Come down here."

The silver-haired man laughed. "Didn't take you too long," he said. "I was wondering how long I'd get to sit here before..."

"Come on, I'm not that predictable, am I?" The redhead asked.

"As a matter of fact, yes. You know you are, to me at least." Culgan smiled and caressed his lover's shoulders. "You've always been, and you always will be."

Seed didn't reply. Instead, he dragged Culgan down on top of himself, stole a quick kiss, and then proceeded to rub his body against Culgan's.

They spent the next few hours making love. Culgan made sure to keep his partner quiet despite the fact that they weren't in a tent. It had indeed been a couple of weeks since they had properly done this; he could feel it from Seed's body. It didn't take too long from Seed to come the first time, but after some rest, Culgan went for it again, this time slowly, the way that usually drove his lover insane. For some reason, the redhead didn't complain even once.

After they were done the second time, Seed yawned and rolled into a ball. Culgan rested a short moment and then got up, put on a robe and went to get some warm water. Once he returned he cleaned them both and lay back down next to the redhead.

"Still annoyed about the rooming arrangement?" Culgan inquired, gently stroking his partner's hair. "I should hope not. Did my best to distract you and all..."

His lover didn't answer, just nuzzled his arm. Culgan smiled and relaxed. This sure was a nice change after the tents he had been sleeping recently, and the fact that they had hot water available was definitely a plus; Seed tended to complain when his lover used cold water to clean after lovemaking.

"Sleep," he ordered and closed his eyes.

A couple of minutes passed then Seed suddenly moved. "Wait a minute. Did you say earlier that Darren's gonna show up in the next couple of days?"

"Yes?" Culgan opened his eyes and looked at the redhead. He could barely see the other man in the darkness of the room.

"Great," the younger man whined. "I'll never hear the end of it. Once that nuisance learns that I'm sharing a room with you, he'll make sure to give me all the possible comments about sleeping with a superior officer and trying to get something by doing so and..."

"Oh dear. I suppose I'll have to arrange you a room of your own then..." Culgan had hard time to keep from laughing.

There was silence, then Seed crawled into his arms and complained, "But I like it this way."

Culgan just smiled and drew the sheets over the both of them. "I know. Now sleep."

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Author's notes:

Very old kiriban that I meant to write a few years ago but never got around to it. Sorry it took so long. I hope I still know how to write these two... It's sure been a while.

- Elmina (December, 2005)