Beyond Life

By Elmina and Lady Harken

1000 years have passed since the end of Dunan Unification wars. The world has changed; the magical runes and similar things are legends now. There are big cities with modern technology... and in one of them, two men. Seed and Culgan... Two generals born again, living without knowledge of each other's existence, both haunted by strange dreams with an image of someone they loved...

Chapter 1
In the city of L'Renouille, two completely different men start their days, but they have one thing in common...
Rating: T

Chapter 2
Seed sees a psychologist and goes to his new job. Meanwhile, Culgan works too much... at home. Later, he goes to work early in the morning.
Rating: T

Chapter 3
During the night, Seed works overtime, while Culgan prepares for a Court session.
Rating: M

Chapter 4
Culgan returns to work, then ends up taking a few days off... and then works at home. Meanwhile, Seed has a disturbing dream...
Rating: T

Chapter 5
Seed goes to see his psychologist because of the events of the previous night. Elsewhere, Culgan talks to his secretary, and then also goes to see a psychologist as he was planning to...
Rating: T

Chapter 6
Culgan spends some time with his sister's kids, and talks to her, too. Meanwhile, Seed discovers something he had no idea of...
Rating: E

Chapter 7
Seed talks to Jay, and goes to see Lawson... While Culgan gets an unwanted phone call. Eventually, both end up with a mysterious phone number.
Rating: E

Chapter 8
Seed has hard time believing that he's not dreaming... At least Culgan knows he isn't.
Rating: E

Chapter 9
Culgan takes Seed... home. Later, they talk, and Culgan tries to convince Seed that he shouldn't just walk away.
Rating: E

Chapter 10
The two spend the evening together, trying to sort out their feelings.
Rating: T

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Beyond Life
The poem Culgan wrote 1000 years ago.
Rating: E

It's Seed's birthday and he's not really happy about it. Especially when Culgan hasn't come home yet.
Rating: E

A short story about one winter morning at the office.
Rating: T

(Shortfic) Culgan and Seed have some time off.
Rating: 2

Culgan and Seed at work.
Rating: T