An Unfamiliar Feeling

By Elmina and Lady Harken

It was lunchtime on a partly cloudy day in the capital of Highland. The streets were busy as usual, but it didn't bother the red-haired captain walking thought the crowd. Today was just another day for Seed. Another day in his life that was slowly starting to turn into hell...

He arrived to the Unicorn Tavern and sat down to wait for his friend like he always did around this time of the day; they ate lunch here together almost every day after all. Today, he had to wait for over ten minutes before the dark-haired captain showed up. Darren was out of breath and looked like he had been running half the way there.

"There you are," the redhead commented, grinning. "Almost thought I'd have to pay the lunch myself again."

The other man smiled mockingly. "Not a chance. Order already, I'm starving."

They ordered their food and waited, enjoying the cool day. The older man explained why he had been late; General Kiba was arranging something, which led to the fact that there was a lot of paperwork to do. Darren also had a group of soldiers to train, and that didn't help much either.

"You got a busy schedule," Seed noted as the server brought their lunch.

Darren shrugged. "Isn't the first time... Well, at least you now know why I was too busy to eat lunch yesterday."

"Yeah. Oh well... let's eat."

They ate, talking about work. Once they were finished, they just sat there, looking at the people passing by. Or at least Darren did; Seed was playing with a napkin, looking a bit absent. After a while, the older man got bored and leaned back in his chair.

"So... Tell me, why do you look like you've been to hell and back?"

"Because that's where my life is going nowadays?" The red-haired man replied. "Damn it, you don't even know half of it... And you don't want to know."

"Hmm... Fei mentioned something. Say, would the fact that you seem to be working a lot - and living in celibacy - have anything to do with it?"

"Oh, fuck you," Seed countered. "Yes, I've been busy. I'm tired; I barely have enough time to sleep. No time for women, either."

The other man shook his head. "Come on, Seed. You've been like this ever since... that bet. The bet I lost, and thus am paying for your food. Something is wrong, and I think I know why."

The redhead looked down at the table. "Well, to be honest..."


"Yeah, something is wrong and badly." Seed lowered his voice. "And you know damn well whose fault it is. I try to avoid him, but... For some reason, I seem to end up in the same place with him, be it a meeting or just a random corridor..."

Darren nodded. "Go on."

"Hell, he's stalking me! He's everywhere! Even in my dreams... I think I'm going nuts."

The other man smirked. "My my, Seed. If I didn't know you better, I'd say you are falling for a guy."

"Hey, aren't you supposed to be on my side?" The younger man asked, frustration clearly showing from his face. "I have never fallen for anyone and you know it. You know me better than anyone around here."

"Just kidding." The look on Darren's face turned serious. "But... stalking you?"

"Well, I see him a lot. He doesn't openly stalk me, really. He's just... around. He doesn't even come near or anything like that... Well, in public, that is. It's as if he was waiting for me to come and talk to him... I don't know. But the worst part of it..." Seed looked down at his feet.

"Keep talking," Darren said. "You know you can trust me."

"Well, he... He's been in my apartment. How many times, I'm not sure. And... I... I think he was touching me one night. His scarf was there the next morning... I still have it, you know."

The dark-haired man looked thoughtful. "Have you tried talking to him?"

Seed sighed. "I can't do that. Damn, every time I go near him, I feel like I'm going to die. I hate myself for it. Hey, I can't be afraid of one man, can I?"

Darren looked at his friend. "No, but for some reason, he makes you feel uncomfortable. You aren't usually uncertain... but right now, that's exactly what you are. You are afraid to talk about it."

"I'm not! It just... annoys me!" The younger man closed his eyes, trying to control himself.

"Hmm. So... What is the thing that annoys you the most?" Darren asked.

"How about the fact that I want him?" Seed blurted out, glaring at his friend.

"Oh, my."

"Don't give me that. I'm not crazy. He's a superior officer. Sleeping with him wouldn't be too good for my career. And I don't want him... like that. I just wish I knew what the hell is wrong with me! It's not like I was interested in other men... Have I ever been?"

"You said it yourself - I know you better than anyone. So what if you want him. There could be many reasons for that, the logical one being the fact that... well, he was good in bed. Or maybe you have slept with so many women that you want to take a break."

"Sure, that's why," Seed answered dryly. "Damn it, I want to kill him. I'm tired of this."

"Well, just go tell him to go to hell and stop stalking you, then," Darren said.

"I can't prove that he's stalking me..."

"You have the scarf, right?"


The dark-haired man looked at his friend, thinking. "Tell you what... We'll set him a trap. I'll arrange my schedule a little and hide in my right-hand man's apartment; he lives near you, as you know. I'll watch your door very closely... Meanwhile, you try to stay awake as long as you can. If you can't, it doesn't matter, since I'll be watching. We'll see if he visits you. If he does... Then you take the scarf to him and threaten to make a report if he doesn't stay away from you."

"You're crazy."

"Maybe I am. But if that's what it takes to get you back to your normal self..."

"I don't know... Ah, the hell with it, let's do it. I won't let some colonel scare me. I just want to get rid of him. I so wish I had never agreed on that stupid bet... Look where it got me."

Darren patted his friend's shoulder. "It could be worse. Lighten up now. I'll come to see you tonight, and we'll plan a little..."

"Okay." Seed got up. "I'll just go back to work for now, then..."

Darren shook his head slightly and smiled, watching his friend walk away.

* * * * * * * *

They put Darren's plan to action the next day. Nothing had happened for a few nights, and Seed was certain that Culgan would come visit him soon. They had spent a few hours the previous evening planning for details, and Darren had assured his friend that it was a perfect trap. They would continue as long as it took to catch Colonel Culgan in action.

It was quite late. Seed lay on his bed, trying to rest. He needed sleep - he had not been sleeping too well the past few nights. But every time he fell asleep, he would just awaken less than half an hour later, usually after seeing a dream about certain person.

I... so... hate you... He thought to himself. Oh gods, Culgan, why do I think about you all the time?

He rolled over and stared at the door.

If I hate you so much, why did I hide this scarf under my pillow? Gods, how I hate you... hate so much... Especially the fact that I wish you'd come here and hold me...

"How about no?" He told himself aloud and drew the sheets over his head.

Half an hour passed, but he still couldn't sleep. He had to wonder if Darren had fallen asleep and forgotten about the whole thing. Then again, it didn't matter; the silver-haired man probably wasn't going to show up. For some reason, that made him feel somewhat sad.

Oh, why the hell do I feel like this? Why? What's so special about you? I don't like men! Wish you'd just leave me alone... but no...

He continued arguing with himself for some time. Finally he fell into a light slumber, only to wake up about an hour later because there was some noise outside.


It wasn't the first time there was something going on outside in the middle of the night, so he didn't bother to get up and check it. He closed his eyes again and took a more comfortable position in the bed. He pressed his face against the pillow, only to notice that the scarf was there. He pushed it away, back under the pillow... but then couldn't let go of it. It gave him some strange comfort... and filled him with an unfamiliar feeling that he couldn't make any sense of.

Some time passed again. He was just about to fall asleep again when he thought he heard something. He didn't move, just opened his eyes slowly and glanced around.

There was a shadowy figure in the corner. It was someone... a tall man with a light-colored hair.

That's... Culgan.

The shadowy figure moved a little, obviously changing sitting position. He was sitting on a chair that was next to the wall near the corner. Just sitting and watching, that was it. He barely moved at all; Seed couldn't even see him breathing.

How long has he been in here? Uh, I can't let him see I'm awake...

He rolled over, hiding his face from the colonel; he was afraid that the other man would notice something. Then he simply waited. Waited to see if something would happen... But there was nothing. Finally he started feeling so sleepy that he couldn't keep his eyes open, and he just had to give up. He really needed sleep.

But before he fell asleep, he could've sworn that someone kissed him on the forehead and whispered something.

"Sweet dreams, my love."

* * * * * * * *

Seed had been cursing himself from the minute he had awakened. Right now, he was walking back and forth in Darren's room, listening to the older man tell him how Culgan had entered his apartment a little before midnight and stayed there for about two hours.

"I'm going to kill him. I am going to kill him!" The redhead looked like he was ready to destroy everything in the room. Darren just shook his head.

"Have to admit... If I were you, I would want to do that too, so can't blame you. Strange man, that Culgan."

"I am so going to kill him!" Seed yelled, hitting his fist on the stone wall.

The dark-haired captain stood up. "Seed, calm down. That won't help. Think. We have proof now, so he can't get away with it... He can't deny being in your apartment. So..."

The younger man rubbed the hand he had just hurt, looking like he wanted to strangle someone. Darren just patted his friend's shoulder.

"Well. He's working in his office right now... I checked. Take a deep breath and then go there. But Seed... Don't do anything you might regret later. Just go in there and tell him to kill himself or something and to stay the hell away from you."

"I think I will!" Seed stormed off, heading for the colonel's office.

He didn't stop until he reached the door. He kicked it open and glared angrily at the man sitting behind the wooden desk filled with papers and books.

"Captain Seed. Aren't you supposed to knock?" The silver-haired man said calmly, a half-smile on his face.

"How about no?" Seed slammed the door shut behind him and walked in front of the desk. He glared at the other man for a couple of more seconds, then drew the scarf from his pocket and threw it at the colonel's face. "You son of a...!"

Culgan took the scarf and looked at it. "Hmm? This is mine... Thank you. But where did you find it?"

"My apartment, you bastard! Oh, don't give me that cool and calculating look, I know that you know why it was there. You are finished, Culgan. It's over! You're done!"

"Captain... I'm afraid that I have no idea what you're talking about."

"You don't, huh? You don't?"

The silver-haired man stood up and walked around the desk, stopping next to the younger man.

"Captain... Let's go sit down on the sofa." He motioned towards the couch on the left side of the small office. "Then you can tell me what's wrong."

"You wish," Seed hissed, his eyes burning. "That scarf... You really have the guts to claim you have no idea what it was doing in my apartment?"

The older man gave the redhead another half-smile, obviously amused. "Now that you mention it... I might have left it there sometime."

"You bastard!" Seed tried to slap the colonel, but he was quicker and captured the captain by the wrist. "You... You... I hate you!"

"That's too bad. My feelings... are the complete opposite." Culgan smiled, raised his hand and stroked the redhead's cheek with his fingers. "Gods, you're so beautiful..."

The younger man attempted to step back, but he couldn't because the other was still holding his hand firmly. He glared at the colonel, looking into those cold bluish eyes... and then couldn't turn away. He was held captive, and he allowed it by not being able to make himself look away.

Culgan drew the redhead slowly closer to himself until he was right next to him. He wrapped his arms around Seed's slender body and ran his fingers through the soft red hair.

The young captain bit his lip, unable to say or do anything. He didn't know who he hated more right now - the older man or himself.

Culgan... What are you doing to me...?

The smile on the silver-haired man's face turned into a soft one, and then he leaned closer and pressed his lips against Seed's. The redhead was too surprised to resist. He answered the kiss, then regained his senses and turned his head, looking down. "No..."

"What is it, my dear?" Culgan asked, looking concerned.

"Don't do that... Just... let me go..."

The colonel sighed and let go of the younger man. "Seed..."

"What do you think you're doing!?" The captain yelled, sounding desperate. "Holding me... Coming to my apartment like that, watching me, kissing me... Touching me! I have a witness, you know! I can get you demoted if I want to!"

Culgan sighed. "If that is what you want, so be it. Seed... don't be mad at me. It was the only way I could see you... And I needed to see you. You are the only thing in my mind. Only you..."

Seed took a few steps away from the other man and stopped by the bookshelf.

That sounds familiar, he thought. I can't stop thinking about you either. Why?

He jumped when he felt a touch on his shoulder. The silver-haired man had stepped next to him and placed his hand on his shoulder. "Seed?"


"I love you." Culgan looked into Seed's wine-red eyes, looking serious, but at the same time, somewhat emotional, which was very rare to the cool-headed colonel.

The redhead stared at the older man, not wanting to hear this. Or so he thought, at least. What he felt was something he didn't want to understand.

No! That can't be it. And... No, it's not the same with me!


"Go away."

The silver-haired man shook his head. "I'm afraid I can't do that."

"You... You're just using me! Taking advantage of the situation! Trying to get a revenge of some sort or something like that! I made a fool out of both of us by agreeing on that bet... And then... then..." Seed didn't know what to say. He gritted his teeth, feeling defeated.


The redhead looked down, not wanting to admit it to himself. "...And then you made me feel this way."

Culgan just smiled, drew the younger man close and wrapped his arms around him. He knew he was going to win. After all, he had just waited for Seed to give up. He had to admit that part of him had been afraid that the captain would get over it, but... this was what he had hoped for. He kissed the other man's forehead, closing his eyes. "Gods, Seed... How I love you..."

The younger man didn't say anything. He closed his eyes as well, wishing this all would make some sense, but it just didn't.

What... happened to me?

Then he squirmed away from the older man's hold, taking a few steps away from him and looking down again. "No... Go away. Stay away from me...I don't want this... I don't need this..."

He almost tripped on the desk. He grabbed a few papers and threw them at Culgan, hoping that the feeling would go away. But it stayed, making him feel weaker and weaker... He shook his head, feeling tears burn in his eyes. He stared at the floor, not knowing what to say.

"...Why?" He finally asked, mostly whispering.

Culgan moved in front of him and touched his face. "Because I love you."

"But why?!" The redhead demanded, now looking at the older man. "That makes no sense whatsoever! Or, well, maybe to you, since you like men, but..."

"Does it have to make sense?" The silver-haired man replied. "Love never makes sense, Seed. It's just there... It tortures you, until you are with the one you love."

Seed shook his head, baffled. "Now you are making no sense."

"That's because I am so in love with you that if I can't be with you, I'll die. Seed..." Culgan pleaded, looking at the younger man. "But... All right. Just say it. If you truly hate me and don't want to be near me, look me in the eyes and say it."

The red-haired man sat on the desk, biting his lip until it started bleeding. He knew damn well that he wouldn't be able to do that, and even if he could, it would be lying. Even thinking about it hurt. All this time he had been telling himself that he hated Culgan, but it was all a lie.

Oh well. Maybe one day, I'll find out why I lost it and went insane...

Suddenly, he grabbed the older man by the collar and drew him on top of himself, successfully knocking them both down on the table. He drew Culgan closer and kissed him, totally surprising the silver-haired man. Culgan did answer to the kiss, but broke it shortly after and looked at the younger man.


"Whaaaat...?" The young captain smiled mischievously. The older man's eyes widened when the redhead moved his hand lower.

"Seed, stop. You don't know what you are doing... You don't know what you want."

The redhead grinned. "Be damned if I don't..."

"Are you sure?" Culgan withdrew and stood up, but didn't let go; instead, he drew the redhead to sit up.

Seed pouted. "Look at you now. First you swear your never-ending love to me, and when I give up and want you to show it, you start having seconds thoughts."

The colonel smiled. "I'm not having second thoughts. If you are sure about this... I'm just wondering if you truly want to make love here."

"Tell me a better place, then."

"My apartment?" Culgan suggested. "Or yours. Or, we could get a room from the inn..."

"Nah... I like it here." Seed leaned backwards on the desk, pushing some folders and pens down to the floor. "Or is the great Colonel Ice-cold too cool to do it in his office?"

"Well, no..." The smile on the older man's face widened. He had no idea what had caused this sudden change of heart, but he didn't care. This was what he had wanted from the beginning... And he knew Seed - the captain tended to have mood swings.

He let go of the redhead for a moment, walked to the door and locked it. Then he went back to the desk and kissed the younger man's hair, closing his eyes. He had never felt so happy... And he could sense the same kind of feeling from the redhead.

"Slow." Seed drew the older man down on the desk again and bit his neck, then concentrated on nibbling his earlobe.

"I prefer it slowly. I want to make it perfect, especially with you..." The older man whispered, putting his arms around Seed. The captain squirmed a bit, then attacked Culgan's coat, trying to get it off. The colonel caught his hands and pushed them off, then calmly took the coat off and dropped it onto the floor.

"Calm down, Seed... not so fast."

"Damn it," the redhead complained. "After all those dreams, you are so not going to keep me waiting!"

"Dreams?" The other man asked. "You've also been dreaming about... this? I'm glad to hear that. You see, I've had dreams about you every night... and let's not even try counting the daydreams."

Seed replied by gnawing on Culgan's jaw. The older man laughed a bit and reached out to push a couple of folders down from the desk. He looked around until he found a little glass container from the corner of the table. The jar contained hand lotion... which would prove useful right now, as he didn't have any oil here.

"Would you stop being so darn slow?" The younger man twined around the other, smiling cutely. "I'm losing my patience here..."

"Soon, my love, soon..." Culgan answered, smirking. He put the container down for now and concentrated on stripping the other man. That proved to be a difficult task, since Seed had attached himself to him quite tightly. He shook his head and pressed the younger man down on the desk, slowly detaching himself from the hold.

"Hey...!" The redhead looked irritated, but his disappointment was gone soon enough as Culgan started removing his clothes. Seed just giggled, being quite helpful. In two minutes, he was completely naked, sprawling on top of the table. The older man stepped back to admire the view, smiling widely.

"Now this is something I wouldn't mind working with every day..."

Seed glared at him mockingly. "Shut up and take me."

"You do know impatience won't get you anywhere, my dear..."

As a reply, the redhead sat up a little, grabbed Culgan by the shoulders and drew him down on the desk, wrapping his legs around the older man. Culgan placed his hands on the younger man's thighs, pushing him away gently while shaking his head.

"Calm down. If we are going to do it here, we do it my way. How am I supposed to get anything done anyway, with you clinging to me like that? You do realize it will hurt a lot unless I prepare you properly."

Seed stared at the older man, trying to look annoyed but lay back down. He was inexperienced, having done this only once before, and he wasn't sure exactly how it could be done without preparations, anyway. His mind wandered while Culgan caressed his skin, and then he flushed all over, realizing the rest of the details.

Oh, hell. That would hurt, yeah... And I'm stupid enough to want to try? I'm not like that, am I?

He bit his lip, trying to push random perverted thoughts away. Right now all that mattered was that Culgan would do something, and he could finally stop seeing those dreams every damn night.

"Could you hurry up at least a bit?"

The silver-haired man leaned a little closer, stopping to look at the younger man's face. "If you insist. But I'll still take my time, hmm? I want you to enjoy this."

"I am enjoying it. Hurry up..."

"So impatient," Culgan answered, laughing silently. He stopped to place a kiss on the redhead's lips, then reached for the container with the hand lotion. He opened the small jar and spread some of the contents on his hands, smiling as the younger man's wine-red eyes followed his every more.

"I hope you do remember what I'm about to do and are prepared..."

Seed nodded, closing his eyes for a moment. He remembered well enough how the first time had gone; how he had been feeling quite uncertain of himself and had actually wanted Culgan to stop. It had hurt slightly. He also remembered how the older man's touch had burned his body, driving him insane.

But I... want him.

He felt Culgan's hands on his body, fondling him slowly. He shook his head and all of a sudden, kicked the older man in the side.

"Dammit, can't you just... Do it? I mean... That... Feels quite nice, but I said I want you, didn't I? Now. Please, Culgan..."

Culgan didn't answer but rather continued by moving his left hand to the redhead's lower body and stopping to fondle certain quite hard part of him for a moment, then leaned down and took the tip of the hard length to his mouth. Seed blinked, barely managing to stay silent. The older man's hands continued caressing his body, reminding him what had been so special about that one night when Culgan had taken him.

This is... I can't... Culgan...!

The fingers of the silver-haired man's right hand advanced on Seed's inner thigh slowly, finding their way between the redhead's buttocks. Seed close his eyes, gritting his teeth. He knew he wanted this, but he couldn't help but feel nervous about it.

"Seed..." Culgan said with a soft voice. "Relax. I can't touch you if you're so strung up."

The redhead nodded slightly, feeling the older man's fingers almost pressed into him, cautiously spreading the hand lotion around their target. He bit his lip again, forcing himself to relax a little. Still, he couldn't keep himself from crying out when Culgan pressed one finger into him carefully.

"...Aagh... C... Culgan...!"

"It's okay," the other man whispered, sounding strangely gentle. "I've done this to you before. Just relax for a moment. You'll remember soon why exactly you wanted me to touch you from here..."

Seed mumbled something for a reply, not hearing his own voice. The older man was right; a moment later the digit inside of him pressed against something, and Seed's eyes widened. He slapped his hand over his mouth to keep himself from moaning, his other hand gripping on the edge of the desk for support.

The older man returned to what he had been doing; Seed clenched his eyes shut as Culgan's warm mouth found his erection again. If he had thought he had remembered why exactly he wanted Culgan before, now he really remembered. The older man's touch was truly driving him off the edge.

Culgan added another finger very carefully, ice-blue eyes studying the younger man's reactions. He smiled in his mind, seeing and feeling how perfectly Seed answered to his touch. He didn't have to wonder why he had fallen in love with the redhead. They were perfect together.

"Aaaah...! Culgan...! Get... on with... it... I... mmm... want..."

Seed hated himself for the fact of how pathetic his voice sounded, but at least he got his message through. Their first time had taken a lot longer, and like hell he was going to let Culgan do the same this time around. He wanted the silver-haired man, now, and wasn't going to wait any longer. He managed to kick the older man weakly, squirming in his hold on the desktop.

"...P-please... Culgan...? ...Aaah..."

The silver-haired man got up a little, looking at the red-head's face, smiling. "Are you sure?"

"Stop asking all the time, dammit," Seed snapped, finding breathing to be a harder task than he remembered. "Now."

Culgan shook his head, removing his fingers and stepping away for a moment. He worked with his clothes for a little then took the hand lotion and added some on his own member.

"Absolutely sure?"

Seed glared at him. "If you're not taking me now I'm raping you on the floor. Just... dammit, I need you..."

The older man moved between the redhead's legs, nudging them apart a little more. He smiled, holding Seed by the waist and lifting him up while positioning himself better, then pressed in as carefully as he could. Seed bit his lip so hard that he could taste blood as he was entered, but he wrapped his legs about the older man, managing to press against Culgan.

"Hmm... Just as perfect as I remembered, my dear..."

Seed could feel tears in his eyes, but he didn't know if he was crying from the pain or if it was because of something else. All he knew was that he had needed this for a long time now. He needed Culgan, however stupid that idea sound.

Culgan moved slowly, determined to make sure everything was perfect and that the redhead was enjoying it. He could feel the younger man moving against his thrusts, and could hear silent moans escaping from Seed's lips.

The redhead really hated the pathetic tone his voice seemed to have taken, but there was nothing he could do. Everything else lost its meaning; he felt so complete lying there on Culgan's desk, with the older man pressing into him in a steady rhythm. He tried to blink away the tears from his eyes but failed. Culgan reached out with one hand, caressing the younger man's face calmly. Seed couldn't really notice; he couldn't think anymore.


He clung to whatever control he had left over his body, not wanting it to end. It had been a long time. Truth was, he hadn't touched anyone after sleeping with Culgan, and he needed this more than anything. The moment the older man moved his hand to fondle his erection, he lost all control.

"Culgan...!" He cried out weakly, silently wishing that they could have gone on for a little longer. It didn't matter right now though; the orgasm made his mind black out for a moment, and all he could feel anymore was himself lying there, and Culgan pressing into him for a couple of more times before sighing contently and stopping moving.


The older man smiled, feeling quite satisfied with himself. He stayed immobile for a moment before pulling out, fixing his clothes and reaching to take his black and white coat from the floor. He then picked the young captain up gently and carried him to the sofa. He put Seed down and covered the redhead's naked body with the coat.

"Mmm, so pretty..."

Seed smiled sleepily, his mind not really registering what was happening anymore. "Hmm...?"

"Rest for a while." The colonel sat down, took the younger man's head on his lap and started petting the fine red hair. "Just a little while... and then we can go somewhere where no one will disturb us."

The redhead smiled some more and fell asleep in a matter of minutes.

* * * * * * * *

Seed woke up with the sun shining in from the open window. He glanced around - this time, he did recognize this place. It was Culgan's bedroom. He glanced to the other side of the bed, only to find it empty. The silver-haired colonel wasn't in the room at the moment.

He looked around lazily, studying the few paintings on the wall. The bed was much more comfortable than his own... Except that the sheets were all messed up and half-lying on the floor. He grinned to himself - well, after last night, he didn't wonder why.

After he had taken a short nap in the older man's office, Culgan had brought him here and they had spent the whole afternoon and evening in bed. He blushed a little when he thought about all the things the older man had said and done. But there was no doubt about it - the colonel loved him, and Seed loved the older man, although it would take a long time before he would admit it.

The door opened, and he turned to look in its direction.

"Good morning, my dear..." Culgan, dressed in a gray bathrobe, entered the room with a smile on his face. He was carrying a tray loaded with food.

The redhead tilted his head, smirking. "That sounds silly, you know."

"What am I supposed to say, then?" The silver-haired man sat down on the rim of the bed and put the tray down. "Here. I brought you some breakfast."

"I don't know." Seed shrugged. "Ooh, looks nice..."

"Just made it myself..."

The young captain smirked. "Not the food. I was looking at you... but, now that you mention it, that looks nice, too. Good. I think I'm quite hungry after last night..."

"Is that so?" Culgan laughed and leaned closer to give him a kiss. "I love you, Seed."

How the heck did I fall for you, Ice-cold?

He accepted the kiss, embracing the other man. Someday, he'd find an answer to that question... Well, one day. He had the rest of his life to figure it out, after all.

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Author's notes:

Kiriban request... A sequel to "The Unusual Bet" and "The Unexpected Visitor". This turned out to be a trilogy.

Sorry it took so damn long to write this... I started summer 2002, got stuck in the sex scene in the fall and couldn't write for a long time. In the end, my sister wrote the porn. Still, took ages. Well, I think we've been extremely slow with mostly anything lately, not to mention the file ended up lying around on the hard drive over a month before we remembered we were supposed to give it to the beta-reader. Whoops.

Anyway, hope you like!

- Elmina (February, 2004)

Lame sex scene written by me because my sister sucks and can't get them done. Enjoy!

- Lady Harken