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Suikoden 3

A Late-night Daydream   By Elmina
Albert, working late at night, lets his mind get a little carried away.
Rating: M | Yuber x Albert

Black&Black   By Lady Harken
Yuber teleports Albert somewhere, with unexpected consequences.
Rating: T | Yuber x Albert

Casual Evil   By Lady Harken
After the events at Great Hollow, Albert and Yuber have a moment to spare.
Rating: M | Yuber x Albert

First Contact   By Lady Harken
Albert tells Luc how he ran into Yuber the first time...
Rating: M | Yuber x Albert; Luc

Foreigners   By Lady Harken
Albert and Yuber go to Vinay Del Zexay to take care of something and stay for the night.
Rating: M | Albert x Yuber

In Silence   By Lady Harken
100% PWP about Yuber visiting Albert in the middle of the night.
Rating: M | Yuber x Albert

Kiss   By Elmina
In the evening after the battle in Chisha Village.
Rating: T | Caesar x Hugo

Observations   By Elmina
Caesar and Hugo have a talk late at night.
Rating: T | Caesar x Hugo

Quartet   By Lady Harken
Sasarai asks Luc about something.
Rating: E | Sasarai, Luc; Yuber x Albert

The Reverse Will   By Lady Harken
The young strategist gets a nightly visitor, but this time he might not be willing to just give himself...
Rating: M | Albert x Yuber

Tsumi ni Kuroku, Chi ni Akaku   By Lady Harken
Working late at night, Albert finds himself interrupted again.
Rating: T | Yuber x Albert

Unmasked   By Lady Harken
Luc meets someone he didn't expect to meet in Caleria.
Rating: M | Luc x Sasarai   Xmas gift to Chou

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