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Suikoden 2

Battlefield Without Light   By Elmina
The end of the Dunan Unification Wars. On a hill near L'Renouille, Seed and Klaus meet for the last time.
Rating: T | Seed x Klaus

Bedtime Story   By Lady Harken
Seed can't sleep, so he asks Culgan to tell him a story.
Rating: M | Culgan x Seed

Beyond Life   By Elmina and Lady Harken
A multichapter fic placed 1000 years after the events of Suikoden 2.
Rating: Various [AU] | Culgan x Seed   5000 kiriban request    

Blind Trust   By Lady Harken
Camus and Miklotov test their trust in a little unusual duel.
Rating: T | Miklotov x Camus

Dragon Trouble   By Lady Harken
Bright runs away, and Futch gets help from Riou while looking for the dragon.
Rating: T | Hero x Futch   4000 kiriban request

Early Morning   By Elmina
Culgan, who spent the night with Seed, gets an unwelcome visitor in the morning.
Rating: T | Culgan x Seed   Gift to Romy

In The Dark   By Elmina
Klaus is being stalked - but by whom?
Rating: T | Luca x Klaus   15000 kiriban request

One Last Kiss   By Lady Harken
Culgan and Seed wait for the last battle and end up talking about a few things.
Rating: T | Culgan x Seed

Passions   By Lady Harken
Seed goes to Culgan's room late at night.
Rating: M | Culgan x Seed

Room Arrangements   By Elmina
Culgan and Seed stay in a fort after a week weeks spent on a war camp.
Rating: T | Culgan x Seed   22222 kiriban request

Silent Wish   By Elmina
Two moths after the war, Northwind Castle. Klaus feels lonely, he misses Seed who is gone. Then, someone arrives to deliver news.
Rating: E | Seed x Klaus

The Innocent Spy   By Lady Harken
Klaus goes to take some papers to Culgan but he's not home - yet.
Rating: M | Culgan x Seed; Klaus

Unexpected Reunion   By Elmina
McDohl joins Riou's forces, and meets someone he had thought dead.
Rating: M | Flik x McDohl   17000 kiriban request

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An Unusual Bet   By Elmina
Seed and his friends bet on something different than what they usually do. Is Seed up to winning this time?
Rating: M | Culgan x Seed

An Unexpected Visitor   By Lady Harken
Seed gets drunk, and someone pays him a visit during the night.
Rating: M | Culgan x Seed

An Unfamiliar Feeling   By Elmina and Lady Harken
Seed plots revenge after Culgan's nightly visit, but what happens in the end?
Rating: M | Culgan x Seed   9000 kiriban request

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Suikoden 2 - Guest fiction

All I Want for Christmas Part 1, Part 2   By Tracy
A Christmas gift to us! Culgan and Seed spend Christmas in L'Renouille.
Rating: M | Culgan x Seed

Better Late   By silver
On Highland's last moments, Culgan decides he still had something to do.
Rating: E | Culgan x Seed

Let It Snow! Part 1, Part 2   By Tracy
Another lovely Christmas gift to us!
Kind of a sequel to All I want for Christmas, as this is Culgan and Seed's next xmas.
Rating: M | Culgan x Seed

So Cold   By Medra
Seed wonders why Culgan has been so cold to him lately.
Rating: M | Culgan x Seed

Sorry Means I Love You   By Medra
Jowy has some things in his mind.
Rating: T | Jowy x Hero

The Birthday Surprise   By Tracy
B-day gift to us! Culgan arranges a little surprise for Seed's birthday.
Rating: M | Culgan x Seed

Three's Bad Company   By silver
Viktor decides the The Star Dragon Sword is being a bit too annoying.
Rating: T | Viktor x Flik

Warm Heart   By Romy
A gift for us! This one's a sweet Valentine's Day fic about Seed trying to find a gift for Culgan. (Note: Setting is three years before the game.)
Rating: T | Culgan x Seed

When the Night is his Reflection   By Crystal
Flik comforts the hero after the Rockaxe incident. (Note: Hero2 is called Kiaran here)
Rating: E | Flik, Hero

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