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108 Stars  By Lady Harken
McDohl decides to learn the names and the stars of the 108 Stars of Destiny... which annoys Luc greatly.
Rating: T | Luc x McDohl

Afraid of the Dark   By Lady Harken
Gremio finds a solution to Young Master's small problem, but has no idea where it will lead a few years later.
Rating: T | Gremio x McDohl

Balance   By Lady Harken
The black knights have a duel.
Rating: M+ | Pesmerga x Yuber

Choices   By Lady Harken
Yuber ends up wondering about humans... and something else.
Rating: E | Yuber   Xmas gift to littlemaiko

Dinner   By Elmina
A cute little fic about an afternoon at the McDohl mansion years before the game.
Rating: E | Gremio x McDohl

Don't Run Away   By Elmina
McDohl and Gremio have returned home after being away for three years. Grenseal still loves Gremio and wishes to be with him, but...
Rating: T | Grenseal x Gremio

Father Figure   By Elmina
General Teo's favorite knights Alen and Grenseal end up spending a night in the McDohl Mansion...
Rating: M | Grenseal x Alen

Fear   By Elmina
Alen and Grenseal are afraid of what Teo would say if he knew about their relationship.
Rating: T | Grenseal x Alen

More Than a Friendship   By Elmina
An innocent story about young Alen and Grenseal.
Rating: T | Alen x Grenseal

Never to Awaken   By Elmina
Grenseal sorts out his feelings before the last battle.
Rating: E | Grenseal x Gremio

Secrets   By Elmina
Grenseal and Alen get an opportunity to rent an apartment from the capital. After an incident, the green-clad knight realizes how he feels about his friend.
Rating: M | Alen x Grenseal, Gremio x McDohl   3000 kiriban request

Sweethearts   By Lady Harken
Young Garrett McDohl realizes it's Valentine's Day, and wants to do something special with Ted...
Rating: T | McDohl x Ted

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Suikoden - Guest fiction

snow drop   By littlemaiko
Teo sends Alen off to scout, but the swordsman gets lost in the snowstorm.
Rating: E | Teo x Alen, Grenseal x Gremio

Last Kiss Goodbye   By Medra
A b-day gift to us. Short and sweet fic about Yuber and Pesmerga meeting after the end of the Toran Liberation Wars.
Rating: T | Yuber x Pesmerga

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