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Super Robot Wars Original Generations

Holiday   By Lady Harken and MarsDragon
The SRX has a few days off, and Rai and Ryusei get invited to visit Elzam's hideout.
Rating: M | Elzam x Rai x Ryusei

Issues   By Elmina
Rai thinks he has problems in his relationship and tries to figure out why Elzam is doing so much better.
Rating: T | Rai x Ryusei

Left Hand   By Lady Harken
The two SRX members are adjusting the R-2 when Ryusei gets a little problem.
Rating: M | Rai x Ryusei

Messenger From the Void   By Lady Harken
The fate of Ingram Prisken is not a pleasant one.
Rating: M+ | Euzeth x Ingram

Rising Force   By Lady Harken
The Hagane crew makes their way towards the final battle at Aidoneus Island.
Rating: E | Rai, Aya, Ryusei

Standard Speech   By Elmina
Sanger gets dragged to a private room by his friend.
Rating: M | Sanger x Elzam

Taking the Lead   By Lady Harken
The two are watching anime, and Rai's expecting the evening to end up in certain way, but he learns Ryusei has some new ideas.
Rating: M | Ryusei x Rai

Team Dynamics   By Lady Harken
After a frustrating battle, Ryusei tries to settle his issues with Rai.
Rating: M | Ryusei x Rai

Vanishing Trooper   By Lady Harken
News of Rai's accident reach his family.
Rating: E | Maier, Elzam

Super Robot Wars Original Generations - Shortfics

Affectionately   By Lady Harken
Being a robot fan stuck on a ship away from home isn't always easy.
Rating: E | Ryusei, Rai

Grungust   By Elmina
Rai has no interest in super robots.
Rating: E | Rai, Ryusei

Inspiration   By Lady Harken
Ryusei's choice of music makes Rai wonder about it.
Rating: T | Ryusei x Rai

Rai's Birthday   By Lady Harken
Something is off about Ryusei's actions, and Rai questions him about it.
Rating: M | Ryusei x Rai

Ryusei's Birthday   By Lady Harken
It's Ryusei's b-day, and Rai gives him a gift.
Rating: T | Ryusei x Rai

Super Robot Wars Original Generations - Guest fiction

Artificial Handjobs   By MarsDragon
Watching anime again in Ryusei's room, one thing leads to another.
Rating: M | Ryusei x Rai

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