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Resident Evil series

Always   By Lady Harken
Chris tells us about his dreams.
Rating: T | (Post-CVX) Wesker x Chris

(Do You Get) Excited?   By Elmina
Wesker, while having difficulties to sleep, can't keep his mind from wandering.
Rating: M | (Pre-RE) Birkin x Wesker

Flight   By Lady Harken
Birkin is being a little distracted during the last moments of the URC.
Rating: E | (REŘ) Birkin

Frozen   By Lady Harken
After certain events, Wesker and Birkin need to settle some painful matters.
Rating: M+ | (Pre-RE) Wesker x Birkin

Hunted   By Lady Harken
Wesker follows Chris around the Arklay Mansion, observing things.
Rating: E | (RE1) Wesker x Chris

Mind Games   By Elmina
Chris finds himself captured by Wesker... who has decided to play with the younger man.
Rating: M+ | (RECVX) Wesker x Chris

Neverending Game   By Lady Harken
S.T.A.R.S. captain Wesker sees Birkin after a long time, and learns that his old friend is still up to the old mind games.
Rating: M | (Pre-RE1) Birkin x Wesker

Nightly Experiments   By Lady Harken
The two scientists work late at night, and Birkin gets bored while waiting for his experiment to finish.
Rating: M | (Pre-RE) Birkin x Wesker

Obsession   By Elmina
A short fic about BOW Wesker's dreams, both good and bad.
Rating: E | (RECVX) Birkin x Wesker, Wesker x Chris

Oriel Window   By Lady Harken
Wesker and Birkin spend their last evening at the URC.
Rating: E | (Pre-RE) Birkin x Wesker   Xmas gift to Romy

Pay The Price   By Lady Harken
During a conference Wesker ends up making bet which he decides to win. But at what price?
Rating: M | (Pre-RE) Wesker x Birkin

Rage   By Lady Harken
Wesker captures Chris and shows him exactly how much he hates him...
Rating: M+ | (RECVX) Wesker x Chris

Revenge   By Lady Harken
Barry finally decides he's had enough of Wesker's schemes.
Rating: M+ [AU] | (RE1) Barry x Wesker

The Lightning Sky   By Lady Harken
Part of the Alpha team is patrolling over Raccoon forest...
Rating: M | (Pre-RE1) Wesker x Chris

Uncertain Feelings   By Lady Harken
Wesker tries to get Birkin jealous, and the result is kind of unexpected...
Rating: M+ | (Pre-RE) Birkin x Wesker   Gift to Romy

Valley of Mist   By Lady Harken
The two scientists have a little chat one misty morning in Arklay.
Rating: T | (Pre-RE) Birkin x Wesker

Resident Evil - Shortfics

Control   By Elmina
Wesker and Birkin have sex.
Rating: M | Wesker x Birkin

Situation   By Lady Harken
Alone in the lab with Wesker, Birkin has ideas again.
Rating: M | Birkin x Wesker

Xmas   By Lady Harken
Wesker goes to tell Birkin to go to bed.
Rating: E | Wesker x Birkin

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