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Final Fantasy Tactics

Horoscope   By Lady Harken
Rofel and Kletian study something late at night.
Rating: T | Rofel x Kletian

Knights   By Lady Harken
Beowulf runs into someone on the road.
Rating: E | Beowulf; Wiegraf

Magic and Sword   By Lady Harken
The two Shrine Knights have a practice match.
Rating: E | Rofel x Kletian

Pray   By Lady Harken
Kletian goes to pray late at night, although he's not alone...
Rating: T | Rofel x Kletian

Final Fantasy Tactics - Shortfics

Devotion   By Elmina
Sitting in the quiet chapel, Kletian considers things.
Rating: E | Kletian

Meeting   By Lady Harken
During an uninteresting evening, Ramza meets someone.
Rating: E | Ramza, Izlude

Mortify   By Lady Harken
Kletian questions his own interests.
Rating: T | Rofel x Kletian

Uncertainty   By Lady Harken
Stopping for the night on the way back from a mission, Ramza can't sleep.
Rating: E | Delita x Ramza