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Final Fantasy IV

Before The Final Battle   By Lady Harken
During a night before the final battle, Kain is bothered by his thoughts.
Rating: T | Golbez x Kain; Kain x Cecil

Night Guard   By Elmina
Cecil and Kain are ordered on guard duty in the middle of the night. (Note: Set after Survival Practice)
Rating: T | Kain x Cecil

Survival Practice   By Elmina & Lady Harken
Our young knights participate in a training that tests their survival skills...
Rating: M | Kain x Cecil   222 kiriban request

Final Fantasy IV - Shortfics

Shadow   By Elmina
Kain wakes up during the night, bothered by something.
Rating: T | Golbez x Kain   New!

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Final Fantasy XII - Shortfics

Business Opportunities   By Lady Harken
Balthier teaches Vaan something about business.
Rating: E | Balthier x Vaan