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Castlevania Lament of Innocence

Realm of the Night   By Lady Harken
In the Forest of the Eternal Night, the two vampires have a little chat.
Rating: M | Walter x Joachim

Rebuke   By Lady Harken
Joachim kills a knight Walter lured into the castle, and the older vampire isn't pleased.
Rating: E | Walter x Joachim

Reckless Courage   By Elmina
It's raining, and Leon and Mathias are stuck inside.
Rating: T | Mathias x Leon

Recollection   By Lady Harken
Joachim wanders around the castle, hungry for revenge against Walter, but things aren't always like they seem to be.
Rating: M+ | Walter x Joachim

Redemption   By Lady Harken
Leon goes to fight the Master of the Castle.
Rating: M+ [AU] | Joachim x Leon

Reflection   By Lady Harken
Leon runs into a strange opponent while exploring the castle.
Rating: M | Leon x Doppelganger

Religion   By Elmina
Mathias and Leon talk after a battle.
Rating: E | Mathias, Leon

Requiem of Innocence   By Lady Harken
Leon attempts to help Mathias get over something.
Rating: M | Mathias x Leon

Resonance   By Lady Harken
Mathias and Leon have a little chat as the night falls.
Rating: T | Mathias x Leon

Response   By Lady Harken
Walter amuses himself with some conversation while Mathias entertains him.
Rating: M | Walter x Mathias

Retribution   By Lady Harken
There is a price to pay when betraying your master, and Joachim learns it the hard way.
Rating: M+ | Walter x Joachim

Return   By Lady Harken
Walter comes home from somewhere.
Rating: M+ | Walter x Joachim

Castlevania Lament of Innocence - Shortfics

Home   By Lady Harken
The two knights talk about something.
Rating: E | Leon, Mathias

Life   By Elmina
Leon has been wounded in battle.
Rating: E | Leon, Mathias

Regret   By Lady Harken
After the events at Eternal Night, Leon thinks about something.
Rating: E | Leon

Restless Thoughts   By Elmina
Joachim wanders around Eternal Night alone.
Rating: E | Joachim

War   By Elmina
Leon doubts himself after a battle.
Rating: E | Mathias, Leon

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