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Castlevania Aria of Sorrow & Dawn of Sorrow

A Moment of Relief   By Lady Harken
Soma runs into someone while making his way through the cultists' castle.
Rating: M | Arikado x Soma

Bonds of Brave Men   By Lady Harken
Bothered by his thoughts, young J can't sleep.
Rating: M | Arikado x J

Dance of Illusions   By Lady Harken and MarsDragon
Before fighting Chaos, Soma decides to rest for a moment.
Rating: M | Dracula x Soma

Espionage   By Lady Harken
Before entering the Cult HQ, Yoko checks out things while waiting for Julius.
Rating: M [YURI] | Yoko x Celia

Food   By Lady Harken
J thinks Arikado should eat more, and takes him out to eat.
Rating: T | J x Arikado

Friendly Encounter   By Lady Harken
Soma meets someone while taking a little break from the battles around the castle.
Rating: M | Graham x Soma

Inner Flame   By Lady Harken
After everything that's happened in the castle, J remembers... everything.
Rating: T | J x Arikado

Mirror   By Elmina
After spending the night in a hotel room, J and Arikado talk.
Rating: E | J x Arikado

Nothing to Lose   By Lady Harken
Soma ends up staying the night at Arikado's place.
Rating: M | Arikado x Soma

Rain   By Lady Harken
The two are travelling, and Arikado feels uncomfortable.
Rating: T | J x Arikado

Castlevania Aria of Sorrow - Shortfics

Future   By Elmina
J thinks about who he is.
Rating: E | (CV AoS) J

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