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Chrono Cross

If You Need a Friend...   By Elmina
Glenn feels lonely, and ends up talking to Norris.
Rating: T | Norris x Glenn   1000 kiriban request

Late Evening at the Sea   By Lady Harken & Elmina
Serge is trying to write a letter to his mother, but seems that it isn't easy. He ends up talking to Karsh who's awake.
Rating: E | Karsh x Serge

Sleepless Night   By Elmina
Termina. Porre military has control over the area. Karsh, hiding in the "Dragon's Tail" bar, can't sleep...
Rating: T | Karsh x Guile

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Chrono Cross - Guest fiction

A Primal Desire   By Touma-chan
After the game events. Norris is alone, reading in the Viper Manor library. Karsh, who doesn't like the blonde very much, decides to...
Rating: M+ | Karsh x Norris