Kiriban Progress

This would be the little extra page for people who are curious about how the requests are doing. Below is the list of kiriban requests that we are working on, and how they are doing at the moment. We will try to update this page whenever we get something done.

Note - even if a fic is listed untitled, it doesn't mean we aren't working on it. We mostly suck with fic names and give them titles after they are finished. Also, if a request is unlisted, it just means we haven't been able to start working on it yet. We're slow, so bear with us, okay? ^^;

Fanfic requests

# 5000 - "Beyond Life"
Status: Multichapter fic. Editing.

# 6000 - Untitled Rei x Teepo
Status: PWP. About 20% done, stuck in sex scene.

# 8000 - Untitled Gremio x McDohl
Status: Working on the fic idea which needs more details.

# 10000 - Untitled Setzer x Locke
Status: Have a pretty clear idea for the fic. Should be less lazy and write.

# 25000 - Untitled Birkin x Wesker
Status: Know what to write. Will get to it one of these days.

# 40000 - Untitled Birkin x Wesker
Status: I know what to write, just need to actually write it.

Fanart requests

# 10000 - Guile x Norris
Status: Sketched and scanned, line layer #1 done.

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