Gallery - Oekaki

Pics drawn on various oekaki boards.

Final Fantasy series
Kain By Elmina
(FF4) Kain with no helmet.

Kyou Kara Maou
Conrad By Elmina
Drawn in a Paint Chat. We were joking that he looks like he's on drugs.
Günter By Elmina
See the comments in the pic.
Conrad By Elmina
...Um, yes. The Paint Chat was quite fun obviously.
Gwendal By Elmina
Paint Chat + Gwen x Hube jokes. *nod*
Yuuri By Elmina
Just a normal pic of Yuuri.
Wolfram By Elmina
Wolfram in the undercover clothes.

Megaman series
Ring Man By Elmina
Very weird little Ring Man with his... pet plant. Heh.

Resident Evil series
Wesker By Elmina
BOW Wesker. Smiling, the calm bastard...
Birkin By Elmina
Your friendly insane scientist.
Wesker By Saeto
Wesker the BOW. Damn sexy.

Trinity Blood
Alessandro & Petros By Vallie & Elmina
Done in Paint Chat. Text on the pic says it all.

Wild Arms series
Zeik and Rudy By Elmina and Saeto
(WA1) Rudy isn't too happy about the fact that Zeikfried has the hots for him.
Zeik x Rudy By Elmina
(WA1) Very scary Zeiky x Rudy pic.
Zeik and Rudy By Elmina and Saeto
(WA1) Zeiky has evil ideas, and Rudy is very annoyed...
Janearth and Jet By Elmina and Saeto
(WA3) Jet and Janus. Notice how Janus is leering at Jetty.
Zeik x Boomerang By Elmina
(WA1) Zeiky is... touching Boom.
Boomerang x Rudy By Elmina and Saeto
(WA1) Boom has his eyes on poor Rudy...
Clive and Jet By Elmina and Saeto
(WA3) Quite innocent pic. I wonder where Clive's hand is, though.
Jet Enduro By Saeto
(WA3) Beautiful pic of Jetty.
Jet Enduro By Saeto
(WA3) Jet somewhere in the Filgaian wastelands.
Zed By Elmina
(WA1) Zed. Just a random oekaki sketch.
Rudy By Elmina
(WA1) A random sketch of sad-looking Rudy.
Zed By Elmina
(WA1) Another random pic of Zed, in color this time.
Half-naked Rudy By Elmina
(WA1) Rudy who looks kind of young. That was not intentional, I swear.
Malik By Elmina
(WA3) Half-naked Malik, drawn because we kind of owe Malik pics for a friend.
Ashley By Elmina
(WA2) Random pic of Ashley done on Filgaia oekaki.
Kresnik By Elmina
(WA4) A friend's favorite character, drawn as a b-day gift.

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