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Citan and Fei (Xenogears) Citan x Fei (Xenogears)
To: J. Marie - # 500 kiriban request
One of my first Painter Classic pics. Um... Fei looks a bit young here. Hey, let's just say he's 16, and leave it to that, okay?
Rating: T
Karsh and Guile (Chrono Cross) Karsh and Guile (Chrono Cross)
To: The Mad Hatter - # 777 kiriban request
Let's see... The background is supposed to be sea and sky. Anyway, Karsh looks like... Well, this: "Hey, mage boy, what do you say if we..."
Rating: E
Zeikfried and Rudy (Wild ARMs) Zeikfried and Rudy (Wild ARMs)
To: Saeto - # 1234 kiriban request
Zeik, holding Rudy in a somewhat possessive way. Heh. Done in Painter again. I still need to learn how to color with the tablet.
Rating: T
Norris and Glenn (Chrono Cross) Norris and Glenn (Chrono Cross)
To: Fauxboon - # 1500 kiriban request
Done in pencil, with shading and a hand-drawn background. I don't do those often. Anyway, this is a fic illustration, based on a scene from "If You Need a Friend..."
Rating: M
Edgar and Locke (FF6) Edgar and Locke (FF6)
To: Jillypuff - # 2222 kiriban request
Another belated kiriban pic. Well, finally done! I think Edgar should look a bit more seme here, but who cares.
Rating: E
Rudy and Zed (Wild ARMs) Rudy and Zed (Wild ARMs)
To: Cheri - # 2500 kiriban request
Rudy and Zed next to each other. The pic was colored very quickly in Painter Classic, as you can probably see.
Rating: E
Edward (Final Fantasy 4) Edward (FF4)
To: Jillypuff - # 3500 kiriban request
A normal portrait of Edward... pencil sketch, not a CG. I wish I had time to color this, too, but... Oh well. He's a cute bard. Heh.
Rating: E
Vincent (FF7) Vincent (FF7)
To: Akira - # 4500 kiriban request
Drawn in pencil, scanned, then colored in Photoshop. Highlighting/shadowing black is a pain.
Rating: E
Flik & McDohl (Suikoden) Flik and McDohl (Suikoden)
To: Tracy - # 5555 kiriban request
Something I drew back in 2002 but didn't get around coloring until 2004.
Rating: E
Zed (WA) Zed (Wild ARMs)
To: silver - # 8000 kiriban request
I'm starting to learn how to draw Zed... Half-naked this time. Mostly because I didn't bother to draw clothes... hehe.
Rating: E
Culgan and Seed (from 'Beyond Life') Culgan and Seed (Suikoden 2 - from the fic "Beyond Life")
To: FireDreamer - # 8500 kiriban request
The "Beyond Life" versions of Culgan and Seed. Culgan is wearing a suit, and Seed - wearing a t-shirt - looks oh so convincing there next to him...
Rating: E
Wesker and Chris (Resident Evil series) Wesker and Chris (Resident Evil series)
To: Romy - # 9500 kiriban request
Romy never gave a request - she just told me to draw "something." Well, I know what she likes... This? Wesker holding Chris by the jaw. Heh.
Rating: T
Human Lucied (Wild Arms 2) Human Lucied (Wild Arms 2)
To: silver - # 11111 kiriban request - Drawn by Elmina, colored by Denise.
Quite interesting request, this one. You know, Lucied is a wolf... Well. If he was human, this is what he might look like.
Rating: E
Magnet Man and Ring Man (Megaman series) Magnet Man and Ring Man (Megaman series)
To: Noble Knight - # 14000 kiriban request
Magnet Man and Ring Man standing close to each other. Yeah. And yep, it's an oekaki pic. Hey, those qualify, too!
Rating: E
Cray and Ryu (Breath of Fire 4) Cray and Ryu (Breath of Fire 4)
To: Fluffy Vampire - # 18000 kiriban request
Cray and Ryu standing and looking at each other. I am ashamed that it took me a few years to finish this. It was all about the shading.
Rating: E
Trowa and Quatre (Gundam Wing) Trowa and Quatre (Gundam Wing)
To: Sayana - # 27777 kiriban request
A couple of pretty boys from a fandom we don't really know, but who cares; they're pretty anyway. :D
Rating: E

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