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Gremio Gremio | Artist - Saeto
Harken requested this from Seto while talking to her on IRC.
Cute. He looks... worried. Oh my, where's Young Master again...?
Rating: E
McDohl McDohl | Artist - Saeto
...Young Master? You can stop worrying now, Gremio, he's right here! He's cute. Well. Just another request.
Rating: E
Pesmerga & Yuber Pesmerga and Yuber | Artist - Saeto
Two very cool-looking knight guys. They look good together. Which leads to the fact that they should do some stuff fangirls like to see.
Rating: E

Suikoden 2
Luca Blight Luca | Artist - Saeto
Very nice pic of the Mad Prince.
Rating: E
Culgan and Seed Culgan and Seed | Artist - Saeto
Culgan and Seed.
Pretty pic. Harken bugged Saeto to draw, and she finally did.
Rating: E

Suikoden 3
Yuber Yuber | Artist - Saeto
The man in black. Or, better know as Yuber. Looking calm as usual, but who knows what he's up to. Bugged Seto to draw some Suikoden 3 art, and she likes Yuber.
Rating: E

Wild Arms
Ryan Ryan the Fenril Knight | Artist - Saeto
So what if we're obsessed with a dead knight?
Heh. Ryan... is a handsome knight. And doesn't look too young in this one.
Rating: E
Jack Jack | Artist - Saeto
Harken's favorite character from WA. She requested this from Saeto. Well. It's a very nice pic. And Hanpan is there, too!
Rating: E
Zylan Zylan From the fic "In the Absence of the Sun" | Artist - Saeto
Zylan the demon from ItAotS. Well, looks very much like him... Harken admits that she never gave a detailed description of him, but still. That's him!
Rating: E
Fenril Knights Ryan & Garrett | Artist - Saeto
And here we have Harken's favorite knights from WA. No, Ryan is not groping Garrett, really he isn't.
Rating: E
Zed Zed | Artist - Saeto
Zed, grinning like... well, like Zed. He's like that, you know! Cute!
Pic was done in watercolor, just like the next one.
Rating: E
Zeikfried Zeikfried | Artist - Saeto
Hee... Bishounen Zeiky without armor. Artist says he looks a bit girly in the pic, but as a bishounen, isn't he supposed to?
Rating: E
Zeikfried and Rudy Zeikfried and Rudy | Artist - Saeto
Well, judging from this picture, Rudy doesn't seem to be too pleased about the fact that Zeiky likes him.
Rating: E
Rudy & Zed Rudy & Zed | Artist - Chibi-chan
Hee. Yeah, it looks like Zed is gaining the upper hand here, but... Rudy's just checking if anyone sees them. And hey, you can't see where his other hand is...
Rating: T
Zylan and Kiev Zylan and Kiev From the fic "In the Absence of the Sun" | Artist - Saeto
Zylan and his right-hand man, Kiev. They look good.
Rating: E
Rudy Rudy | Artist - Saeto
Everyone's favorite Dream Chaser, gagged and chained to the wall! Evil! Heh heh... Bet Zeikfried is planning something...
Rating: 3
Boomerang and Rudy Boomerang and Rudy | Artist - NK
Inspired by the new designs for the WA remake... see Rudy with ripped jeans! Boomerang is... um, enjoying that fact.
Rating: T
Boomerang x Rudy Boomerang x Rudy | Artist - NK
Some more Boom x Rudy, this time a little more graphic. Boomerang sure know how to make someone feel... nice. If you know what I mean. *cough*
Rating: T
Zed Zed | Artist - Sam
A pic of cute little Zed. I think he's hyper. But then again, it's Zed, so what did you expect?
Rating: E
Rudy & Zed Rudy and Zed | Artist - Chibi-chan
Rudy has some evil ideas involving bondage, not that Zed would obviously mind.
Rating: T

Wild Arms 2
Ashley and Irving Ashley & Irving | Artist - Neon Greywords
This? Let's say... Ooops. Bad luck, boys. Heheheheh.
Well, all I can say... That's cute.
Rating: T

Wild Arms 3
Jet Enduro Jet Enduro | Artist - Neon Greywords
Jet having a... private moment. NSFW.
Rating: M
Malik Malik | Artist - Shady Anje
Quite lovely CG of Malik the insane scientist/prophet from Wild Arms 3, dressed in his scarf... And only the scarf.
Rating: T

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