Knights' Quarters

Welcome to KQ, a multi-fandom yaoi-centric fan site.

The fact that this is a yaoi site means that yes, we have male x male content. Yes, fics and art that involve romantic and/or sexual relationships between two guys. If you are uncomfortable with the thought, then leave. No one is forcing you to enter the site.

We would also prefer if our visitors were mature. We don't have any age limits, but if you have no idea what you're about to see here, you should not be here. Simply put, if you are not sure what yaoi/boyslove is and do not wish to know, then please leave. Also, be aware that we are not your guardians; if you are underage and your parents find out you have been reading the site, well, you were warned.

That said, should you be one that wishes to enter the site, click below.